1. When you desire truth, all other desires disappear.

    When you desire truth, all other desires disappear.

    When you’re chest and stomach are free of the unpleasant sensations of worry and regret, sit down, and enjoy it.

    If a child asks you a question, who do you ask it to? Pass it off to the infinite.  Truth is you gatekeeper.  Answers come from elsewhere.

    Once, if possible, give yourself 40 minutes on your back, eyes closed, without moving, right after exercise or yoga.  Keep doing it as often as necessary until you stop falling asleep.  A month, maybe, only you know how much life force deficit you’ve been living in.  When you no longer fall asleep, then enjoy the infinite landscape of “the beyond.”

    Allow all your disasters to bond you closer to God and to each other, at the mouth of the river you will find no mistake so grave as to keep you from her endless embrace.  

    Love as if it we’re currency and you were rich. The best part about love is you get to receive into multiple spiritual bank accounts at the same time.

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  3. Mental Alchemy by Alex Fitch

  4. Carmel BossBlue Lotus, Egyptian Goddess Hathor22x28 oil on canvas

  5. SELVA BHAIRAVITANTRIST TISSUEMedicinal Tapestry 2013 Rainbow Gathering ( left 2012 mexico)The Herb Ark (center 2013 Costa Rica)GuateMaya ( right 2013 - Guatemala)

  6. Rosário Falcão, Meditation, oil on canvas, familia.p.falcao@gmail.com

  7. Carmel BossTitle: Blue LotusHathor: Egyptian Goddess of Love and MusicOil on Canvas 24x30I will have a more professional photo in 2 weeksThank you!

  8. A Creature of Entirely New Design, wax and oil paint on glass, 25”x27”, 2012, K Lenore Sinerwww.klenoresiner.com

  9. John Lanthier: http://ift.tt/17E7UnR’The Music Machine’ - Acrylic paint on canvas - 36” x 48” - Oct 2013

  10. Tessa Mythos, The Alchemy of Light, www.artbymythos.com, mythmaied@gmail.com